Internet of Things (IoT)


Industry 4.0 is more than just a passing catch phrase. It represents a confluence of major trends and technologies that permeate our life and will forever change the way we design and manufacture things in every big industry. Following the lean revolution of the 1970s, the outsourcing phenomenon of the 1990s, and the automation that took off in the 2000s - we are now confronted with exciting possibilities and opportunities with Industry 4.0.

McKinsey defines Industry 4.0 as the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector, driven by four disruptions: the astonishing rise in data volumes, computational power, and connectivity, especially new low-power wide-area networks; the emergence of analytics and business-intelligence capabilities; new forms of human-machine interaction such as touch interfaces and augmented-reality systems; and improvements in transferring digital instructions to the physical world, such as advanced robotics and 3-D printing.

Driving Insights, Not Data

At Chopra-Dhall Group, we want to bring forth our 50 plus years of domain knowledge and manufacturing experience to making existing machines in textile factories smarter and also develop the next generation of Smart Machines. We are focused on driving insights that truly impact the company bottom-lines through a smart confluence of data, analytics and predictive reporting that will deliver optimal asset utilization, baseline performance across common machine portfolio, identify opportunities for opex reduction and minimize down-times.

Working with the top leadership across a broad swathe of clients in 5 different countries, Chopra Dhall Group has already begun initial Proof of Concept trials for what promises to be a radical, new approach towards managing your most important revenue generating asset portfolio.