Delivering perfect denims


Chopra-Dhall Group supplied the first denim finishing range to Arvind Mills (India) in 2000 and has not looked back since. Today, over 150 million meters of denim is processed on our value addition lines worldwide including some of the marquee names in denim industry globally.

Chopra-Dhall Group has played a pivotal role through partnering with top clients in Asia’ growth story of becoming the global denim hub. Perfecting complex process flows and client requirements through application based innovation, forging strategic collaboration with the world’s best for critical modules and investing in infrastructure and machinery to deliver high-precision, accurate lines - have made Chopra-Dhall Group one of the top candidates in implementing denim finishing projects worldwide.


1. Singeing

2. Continuous Desizing Range

3. Continuous Mercerizing Range

4. Continuous Mercerizing Range with inline hot and chilled mercerizing

5. Continuous Desizing + Mercerizing + Overdyeing Range

6. Stenter Range

7. Wet Finishing

8. Foam Finishing

9. Kiss-Roll Finishing


Singeing Range

Wet Finishing Range

Vaccuum Foam Finishing Range

Soft Feel Range

Flat Feel Range

Combi Range (Soft Feel + Flat Feel + Overdyeing)

Reisky - Dhall Dye Padder

Stenter with Coating Head

Coating Head