Delivering perfect dyeing results


Chopra-Dhall Group remains the only brand in the world to deliver the broadest dyeing solutions for different fabric articles - ranging from Continuous Pad Batch Dyeing to the fully integrated Continuous Pad Dry Pad Steam (PDPS) range.

The CPB dyeing method is gaining increasing momentum due to its simplicity and compact footprint. In this method, the alkaline dye-batch will be padded by means of a hydraulic deflection S-roll assembly onto the cellulosic fabric at ambient temperature. Due to the various drawbacks of traditional jet dyeing process, the share of goods being CPB dyed has been substantially increasing.

The PDPS dyeing method represents the ultimate benchmark in perfect dyeing results with minimum CSV variations and even dyed results across the width of the fabric. In this method, the polyester component of the fabric will be impregnated with dispersed dye-stuff and subsequently pre-dried through an Infrared Drier whereas the same gets subsequently fixed on hot flue. The Pad Steam section consisting of padding - steaming - washing configuraiton is primarily used for chemical (booster) application to ensure perfect dye fixation (achieved in the steaming section) and subsequent washoff on high-efficiency washing units.

Salient Features

  • Reisky-Dhall hydraulic deflector controlled roll (S-roll) finishing padder for uniform dye and chemical pickup across the fabric width.
  • Hot Flue chamber and Pad Steamer section execution in special grade steel with specially designed steam generation unit to deliver optimal results.
  • Delivery of high-grade Teflon coating ensuring longevity and durability of rolls used in the Hot Flue section and dry-cans.
  • Highly efficient double loop Closed Washing Tank for optimal washing results in compact footprint.
  • Large 200 mm dia stainless steel guide rolls in entire range for absolutely creaseless run.


1. Cold Pad Batch Range

2. Batch Rotating Stations

3. Washing Range for CPB dyed fabrics

4. Continuous Pad Dry Range (Thermosol)

5. Continuous Pad Steam Range

6. Continuous Dyeing Range (CDR) with inline Pad Dry and Pad Steam


Hot Flue Chambers

Continuous Pad Dry Range (Hot Flue / Thermosol)

Continuous Pad Batch Range with “S” Roll

Infrared Drier Section

Continuous Pad Dry Range (Hot Flue)

Outlet Section

Continuous Pad Dry Range (Hot Flue / Thermosol)

Preparatory Section

Continuous Pad Dry Range (Hot Flue / Thermosol)

Maxon Burner Arrangement

Continuous Pad Dry Range (Hot Flue / Thermosol)

Inlet Section

Continuous Pad Dry Range (Hot Flue / Thermosol)

Continuous Pad Steam Range

Steamer Section (Pad Steam Range)

Steamer Section (Pad Steam Range)

Infrared and “S” Roll at Inlet

Continuous Pad Dry Range (Hot Flue / Thermosol)

Height Adjusting Mechanism

Continuous Pad Dry Range (Hot Flue / Thermosol)