Delivering perfect mercerizing results


Mercerizing is the treatment of cotton under tension with caustic hydroxide in a concentration range of 28 - 30 Baume. The mercerizing process takes place in the following separate steps - impregnation with caustic and diffusion into the fiber core, stretching of the fabric to the required specifications, rinsing down to 7-8 Baume, washing and neutralizing the fabric with acetic acid to get the desired pH.

The physical and chemical basis of the mercerizing process can be described as follows: water can dwell the non-crystalline zone of the cellulosic fiber. The dwelling process is reversible through application of heat during the drying process. Dwelling achieved through caustic soda, however is not reversible.

During the full mercerizing process the shape of the thread structure is almost completely equalized. This means the shape of the cross-cut of the cellulosic fiber changes from the original kidney shape to an almost perfectly round shape. This explains the higher luster that is caused by an increase in light reflection caused by the round fiber shape. The tension of the fabric is exposed to during the mercerizing process results in a parallelism of the cellulosic chain and equalization of the surface of the cotton fiber.

Salient Features

  • Impregnation and stabilizer design ensure optimal impregnation into the fabric core while maintaining suitable dimensional stability.
  • Heavy duty intermediate squeezers to ensure even squeezing across the fabric width.
  • Reisky-Dhall hydraulic deflector controlled roll (S-roll) finishing padder for uniform moisture & high squeeze before washing.
  • Highly efficient double loop Closed Washing Tank for optimal washing results in compact footprint.
  • Large 200 mm dia stainless steel guide rolls in entire range for absolutely creaseless run.


1. Continuous Mercerizing Range (20 mts/min model)

2. Continuous Mercerizing Range with two superimposed end (30 mts/min model)

3. Continuous Mercerizing Range (40 mts/min model)

4. Continuous Mercerizing Range (60 mts/min: ambient and 80 mts/min: hot mercerizing)

5. Continuous Mercerizing Range (Chain + Chainless) with inline hot and chilled mercerizing (60 mts/min model)


Chainless Mercerizing Range

Sensitive Lycra Fabrics

Impregnation Section (Chainless Mercerizing Range)

Sensitive Lycra Fabrics

Chainless Mercerizing Range

For Denim Fabrics

Chain + Chainless Mercerizing Range

Yarn Dyed Shirting Fabrics

Chain Section after impregnation

For better penetration and dimensional stability

Chainless Mercerizing Range

For Bottom-Weights and Lighter Blends

S-type Washing Compartment with Intermediate S-Roll Squeezer

Forms the foundation of all wet processing and finishing lines