Delivering perfect sanforizing results


Sanforizing is a mechanical finishing process used for cotton fabrics mainly and most textiles made from natural or chemical fibres, patented by Sanford Lockwood Cluett (1874–1968) in 1930. It is a method of stretching, shrinking and fixing the woven cloth in both length and width before cutting and producing, to reduce the shrink- age which would otherwise occur after washing.

The cloth is continually fed into the sanforizing machine and therein moistened with either water or steam. A rotating cylinder presses a rubber sleeve against, heated, rotating cylinder. Thereby the sleeve briefly gets compressed and laterally expanded, afterwards relaxing to its normal thickness. The cloth to be treated is transported between rubber sleeve and heated cylinder and is forced to follow this brief compression and lateral expansion, and relaxation. It is thus shrunk. The greater the pressure applied to the rubber sleeve during the sanforizing process, the less shrinking will occur once the shirt is in use. The process may be repeated.

Chopra-Dhall Group is the world’s largest maker of compressive shrinking lines with over 2,000 installations across 25 countries over the past 50 years. Chopra-Dhall Group brings forth deep domain expertise and hands-on operational experience to deliver the best sanforizing results for the target application and fabric.

Salient Features

  • Superior price-performance ratio - following world-class design and manufacturing practices, Chopra-Dhall delivers superior.
  • Versatile design portfolio - building on our experience of over 50 years, Chopra-Dhall Group has developed a versatile design portfolio of compressive shrinking lines for different fabric types - Cotton, Denim, Polyester, Blends.
  • Continuous design and technology upgrade - from rubber belt unit design to the latest form of finishing using kiss-roll technology for denim fabrics, Chopra-Dhall Group is constantly striving to deliver the best sanforizing results for our clients worldwide.


1. Compressive Shrinking Range for woven fabrics

2. Compressive Shrinking Range for woven fabrics (alternate configuration)

3. Compressive Shrinking Range for woven fabrics(shorter production runs)

4. Wet Finishing Range for denim fabrics

5. Vacuum Foam Finishing Range for denim fabrics

6. Compressive Shrinking Range for denim fabrics (kiss-roll technology)

7. Rubber Belt Unit for compressive shrinking in polyester fabrics

8. H-Type Comfin Range for polyester suitings

9. Comfin Range for polyester light-weight fabrics

10. Compressive Shrinking Range for open-width knit fabrics


Compressive Shrinking Range

Wovens and Blends

Felt Calendar Unit

For shrinkage stabilization

Rubber Belt Unit

For compressive shrinking

Wet Finishing Range

For denim fabrics

Foam Finishing Range

For denim fabrics