Delivering perfect washing results


The washing process forms the foundation of all finishing process - from desizing, bleaching mercerizing, dyeing, printing, and plays a critical role in defining the end results on the fabric. The final results in washing depend on four primary factors - the underlying design and technology, steam temperature, contact time and chemistry of the process.

Chopra-Dhall Group has perfected several designs over its history - from the simple up and down execution and relaxed conveyor line to the high-efficiency double-loop design that represents the most efficient of all washing designs. Chopra-Dhall Group represents the only company in the world to have successfully executed reactive-print washing in superimposed format (any color combination) for narrow to wider-width fabrics with perfect washing results.

Salient Features

  • Superimposed execution for reactive print washing range with perfect washing results on both fabric ends (any color combination).
  • Highly efficient double loop Closed Washing Tank for optimal washing results in compact footprint.
  • Large 200 mm dia stainless steel guide rolls in entire range for absolutely creaseless run.
  • Reisky-Dhall hydraulic deflector controlled roll (S-roll) finishing padder for uniform moisture & high squeeze before washing.


1. Washing Range for desized fabrics

2. Washing Range for reactive print fabrics (two superimposed ends)

3. Washing Range with relaxed conveyor washer for reactive print fabrics

4. Washing Range for cold-pad batch dyed fabrics


Continuous Washing Range

Single Loop Closed Washing Tank

Simple “up down” design

“S” Type Closed Washing Tank

High-efficiency washing chamber with double-loop fabric guiding

Roller Bed Conveyor Section

Reactive Print Fabrics