Delivering perfect wovens


Over the past two decades, Chopra-Dhall Group has built significant expertise and experience in designing, executing and commissioning complete greenfield projects for processing and finishing treatment of woven fabrics - be it yarn dyed shirting, dyeing or printing projects from narrow width to wider width fabrics.

Perfecting complex process flows through application based innovation, forging strategic collaboration with the world’s best for critical modules and investing in infrastructure and machinery to deliver high-precision, accurate lines - have made Chopra-Dhall Group one of the top candidates in implementing wovens projects world-wide.


1A. Singeing

1B. Batch-Rotating-Station

2. Bleaching


4. Dyeing

5. Auto Jigger

6. Vertical Drying Range

7. Washing

8. Stenter Range

9. Sanforizing Range


Continuous Bleaching Range

“S” type Washbox with Reisky-Dhall Padder

Chain Mercerizer Machine

Chainless Mercerizer Machine

Chainless Merceriser Machine

Reisky - Dhall Shrinking Range

Reisky - Dhall Pad Dry Range

Reisky - Dhall Pad Steam Range

Compressive Shrinking Range

Stenter Range